Go For the Best Farrowing Crate

Go For the Best Farrowing Crate

When it comes to selecting a farrowing crate for your pigs, there are a few key factors that you should take into account. These include the environment, a strong unit, and hygiene. Count your pigs and check for a durable farrowing crate that is easy to clean. Keep reading for more tips on choosing the best farrowing crate for your needs.

Consider The Environment

When it comes to purchasing a crate for a farrowing pig, you should consider the environment when buying one. The crate provides a number of benefits to the pig, and one of the most important is zero confinement during farrowing and lactation. Producers choose a crate for many reasons, including localized heating and targeted interventions by staff. Other benefits of a crate include assisted suckling, split suckling, and cross-fostering, which are two methods of promoting piglets.

Count Your Pigs

When choosing a farrowing crate for your sow, keep in mind the purpose of this animal housing. This is intended to be used in the weeks before and immediately after farrowing. It is also used during the pregnancy phase to ensure that the sow’s nutritional requirements are met. Crowded conditions can lead to sows overeating or not eating enough. These crates also serve to separate animals and make it easier to administer vaccinations and medications to the sows.

The most common farrowing system in the USA is the farrowing crate. Ninety percent of pigs are farred in crates, and these crates come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Unfortunately, there are very few controlled studies comparing farrowing crate features. So, how can you determine which one is right for your pigs? The main thing to remember is that they need a warm place to sleep and are less likely to step on their mama.

When choosing a farrowing crate, make sure it is long enough to accommodate the sow’s full height, including her tail. A crate should be at least six feet seven inches long and the feeder should extend 12 inches inside the crate. Sows who can’t lie fully recumbently will rest their head on the feeder. A farrowing crate with high dimensions will reduce the risk of pre-weaning mortality, and will increase sow welfare.

Go For The Best Type

If you want to ensure your pigs‘ safety, you should Go For The Best type of arrowing cage. These crates come with a wide range of features and options, and are the most important purchase you can make for your animals. Listed below are a few of these benefits, and why they are so important for your farm. When purchasing your piglets’ new home, make sure to consider the safety of your pigs, and always remember that a well-constructed arrowing crate will protect them from diseases and injury.